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I am not the keeper of the stories. Instead, I am a seeker, a questioner, and a weaver of narratives. My series, Fragmented Memories, revolves around the transformation of stories over time, the malleability of truth, and the complexities of our shared human history. Inspired by the realization that my children, like myself, may never fully grasp the origins of their ancestors, I embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery and understanding.

My mother, the youngest of five girls in a family of ten siblings, was afflicted by undiagnosed mental illness, rendering her emotionally unavailable. This personal struggle awakened within me a curiosity to trace the roots of her condition back to her own life experiences. I became captivated by the stories of the women in her family, seeking answers and unraveling the complex tapestry of their lives.

As I delve deeper into these narratives, I recognize the inherent power and vulnerability in storytelling. The retelling of family lore, passed down from older cousins and shaped by my own recollections, reveals the intricate dance between memory and imagination. I am acutely aware that the stories I weave are not fixed, but rather fluid and subject to interpretation.

In my series, Fragmented Memories, I navigate the labyrinth of truth, inviting viewers to question and explore the stories that have shaped their own identities. Employing various layers and symbols, I engage the ephemeral nature of memory, the blurred lines between personal recollection and collective history. Fragmented Memories, becomes a vehicle for reflection, a catalyst for introspection, and a space for dialogue about the malleability of truth and the transformation of narratives.

Together, let us unravel the threads of our collective histories, weaving new narratives that honor the past, challenge our perceptions, and illuminate the beauty and complexity of our shared human tapestry.